On the Outrage Over the Nashville Statement

Several Christian leaders recently released a statement which was designed to clarify the Biblical position on human sexuality. The statement said nothing new about these issues. Christians have held every proposition in this document for thousands of years. What is new over the past years, is the outrage that comes from those who disagree with statements like this. It is not merely disagreement but venom.

Nashville 3

What is pictured above are some of the tame responses; the ones that left out the profanity-laced threats. We live in a time where if a group of people holds to a view of marriage that agrees with almost all of human history, 50% of today’s population will consider them bigots. Some will even call them Nazis and fascists. In condemning them, however, these new moral revolutionaries condemn most people who have ever lived.

The tide is indeed turning against those who hold to the biblical teaching on sexuality. So much so that the warning of being “on the wrong side of history” comes with some empirical force. This, however, should not surprise believers.


In history, when the authorities came for Christians, it was rarely ever because they were “Christians,” it was usually because of some other trumped-up charge. They often said that believers lacked patriotism, or indicted them with some other anti-social behavior. The same will happen in America if these trends continue. They will not say, it is because we are Christian that we need to be punished, but because we are hate-filled bigots abusing those around us through discrimination.

The important thing to remember is that the “wrong side of history” will not ultimately be determined by consensus, but by the only true God who revealed Himself in scripture. The Christian must remain faithful to God. To do this, we must never waver from His word, and we must continue to love those who hate us for it.

If we can only respond to this outrage with belligerence, maybe we should not respond at all. Not being belligerent does not mean that our logic cannot be sharp or our arguments strong. Nor must we water down the wrath to come for those who will not repent, but to quote Francis Schaeffer, “There is only one kind of person who can fight the Lord’s battles in anywhere near a proper way, and that is the person who is by nature unbelligerent. A belligerent man tends to do it because he is belligerent; at least it looks that way.. . .. We do it not because we love the smell of blood, the smell of the arena, the smell of the bullfight, but because we must for God’s sake. If there are tears when we must speak, then something beautiful can be observed.”

May God be your strength, truth your anchor, and love your battle cry.

D. Eaton

2 thoughts on “On the Outrage Over the Nashville Statement

  1. I believe that Christians should be allowed to believe whatever they wish. All Americans, Christian and non-Christian, should support this right. Patriotic atheists, agnostics, and other non-supernaturalists should stand up for freedom of thought for all Americans, including conservative Christians.

    However, I must point out that if all conservative Christians lived and behaved like the Amish (keeping their beliefs to themselves), the rest of us probably wouldn’t care what you believe (although we would feel very sorry for your children).

    It is when you bring your beliefs into the public arena that you invite our criticism and our determination to fight your discrimination-inciting beliefs. If Christians would keep their religion-based beliefs out of politics, society, and the law, you would not engender so much opposition and anger. Why do we oppose you? We believe that you are promoting the ignorance of ancient, primitive, scientifically ignorant peoples and their holy books. Their is no scientific or rational basis for your opposition to the gay and lesbian lifestyle. Not one national medical association or scientific society opposes homosexuality as a sickness, disease, or mental illness.

    You oppose homosexuality due to an ancient book. In America, the Bill of Rights trumps all ancient books.

    The fact that your gay neighbors love each other and share the same bed is none of your concern. Oppose same-sex relationships in your churches, if you wish, but once you bring your views into the public and political arenas, the majority of Americans view you as advocating bigotry.


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