The Resurrection is the Answer to All Our Problems

Christian, do not let Monday morning steal the joy you had yesterday when you celebrated Easter. He is still risen, and his resurrection is still the answer to all our problems. If you are like me, Easter is a cheerful morning. The house overflows with joyous songs proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus Christ as we get ready for church. Then, it is off to worship. The music is exuberant, the preaching has a unique energy, and all the believers greet each other with, “He has risen.”

Then comes the following Monday morning, Tuesday morning, and the rest of the week. Already tired from Easter celebrations and time with family, the week after Easter can feel like a letdown as we pick up our burdens and head back to work. But we still have every reason to rejoice because he is still with us.

The most faithful friend we have ever had is alive and well, the only friend who saw us dead in our sins and came to save us. The only friend who knows everything about us, all our failings and rebellion against him, and still loves us. The only friend who, after betrayal after betrayal, looks at us with loving eyes and says you are still my child. This gracious friend walks with us as we go into the week after Easter.

Easter celebrations often give us a moment to set aside our problems, stresses, and heavy hearts as we look to Jesus. However, when Monday morning hits, we tend to look away from him and focus on our concerns once again. Do not take your eyes off Jesus. I know you have troubles that weigh you down, and you need to focus on them. You have work to do, issues to resolve, and perishable bodies to nurse, but never look to them without viewing them through Jesus Christ in his resurrection.

Jesus’s resurrection is the answer to all our problems. First and foremost, the resurrection is the “amen” to Christ’s finished work on the cross. As you look to remedy the issues in your life, you might think, I am too much of a sinner to call upon Christ, but that is why Christ died. He suffered to pay for our sins and rose for our justification (Romans 4:25).

He tore in two the veil to the holy of holies, and we now have access to the throne of grace. The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth (Psalm 145:18). Not only does his death and resurrection take care of our biggest problem, sin, but he is also alive and well to answer our prayers when we call on him.

As for the rest of our problems, they will all eventually be overcome. Death could not hold him, nor will it be able to hold anyone who belongs to him. No matter how daunting, any trial or tribulation we face now shrinks in significance when we remember they are only temporary. Though death will one day overtake us, and worms may destroy our bodies, in our flesh, we shall see God. We will stand with him on the last day. For the believer, every trial serves as preparation for the day when we will see Jesus face to face. Even the final enemy death has lost its power, as he will resurrect us in incorruptible bodies.

My prayer, at the moment of my death, is to be walking so closely with him that we continue the conversation when I see him face to face. He is a faithful friend, walking with us even during the struggles of everyday life.

The week after Easter cannot annul the victory of the resurrection. We can face our problems, shoulder our burdens, and smile because the Resurrected Savior walks with us. His resurrection proves that our sorrows have been defeated and are only temporary. Bear patiently; you are almost home.

-D. Eaton

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