How to Make Coasters Out of Laminate Flooring Samples

This post is completely out of character for this blog, but I had a little fun in the wood shop last night and wanted to share.

Recently, my wife and I were doing a little work in our house, and we picked up quite a few flooring samples from the local home stores to see our options.

Once we finished our project, the samples were laying in the shop and we still needed coasters to match the new look of our room. After searching several stores for just the right coasters without any luck, it hit me. We have the matching look sitting in the shop.

The video above is how I went about making the coasters. Of course, there are several ways of shaping and finishing them. In fact, as my son and I were looking at the final video, we laughed because you do not even have to round the edges if you do not want to. We joked, “How to make a coaster out of laminate flooring samples. Step 1: get sample. Step 2: place drink on it.”

The one step I did not include in the video is how I removed the factory sticker off the back. Most samples come with a large sticker on the back with the product information. The key to removing them is to break down the adhesive before you try to peel them off. Goo Gone or other similar products will do the trick.

If you have done this before, or if you make some of these yourself, share your ideas and experience in the comments.

D. Eaton

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