Expect God to Work in the Lives of People Around You

I find the Lord's activity in the lives of the Babylonian kings' when the Israelites were in captivity fascinating. I cannot help but think that it was because of the presence of the people of God that the Lord worked miracles in the lives of these pagan monarchs. There have been countless pagan rulers who … Continue reading Expect God to Work in the Lives of People Around You

A Subtle Shift in Modern Worship

I have been listening to the new song, "More Than Able," almost on repeat for the past few days. This morning I woke up with the chorus ringing in my head. Later this morning, I watched the music video for the song, which displays a congregation passionately singing the lyrics. It brought tears to my … Continue reading A Subtle Shift in Modern Worship

The Vision that Made Daniel Sick

Certain details in Scripture are easy to miss if we do not slow down to meditate on them. One of those passages tells us Daniel was overcome and lay sick for some days after seeing a vision (Daniel 8:27). We can often read passages like the one that reveals the vision Daniel saw with presumption. … Continue reading The Vision that Made Daniel Sick

In the Lion’s Den

Interestingly, God shut the mouths of the lions instead of keeping Daniel out of the den altogether. I am often dismayed at how little effect I think prayer will have in most situations. When the lions roar, my lack of prayer is the first evidence of my weakness of faith. Then I read of events … Continue reading In the Lion’s Den

Those Who Walk in Pride

Pride is a form of insanity because it is not based in reality. When we grow haughty of our accomplishments, we forget who gave us the gifts we used to achieve them. We also forget who gave us our lungs and the clean air we inhaled as we succeeded. The absurdity of boasting in our … Continue reading Those Who Walk in Pride

We Need Him Every Hour

One great part of the work of the Holy Spirit in the heart is to empty us, strip us of self, lead us to feel our own weakness, and bring us as poor sinners to look to Jesus alone, as our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. And just in proportion as we feel our need … Continue reading We Need Him Every Hour

Opposition is Bad, but Hell is Worse

When we proclaim the Word of God, we will often face resistance from every side. We can begin to see the scope of the opposition to the Word of God when we consider two themes Scripture proclaims clearly—sin and the gospel. In the early centuries of Christianity, the Church understood that a false understanding of … Continue reading Opposition is Bad, but Hell is Worse

The Fire Had No Power Over Their Bodies

"The fire had not any power over the bodies of those men" (Daniel 3:27). These are the words spoken of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego while in the fiery furnace. It is a common truth; fire has power over bodies when the two come into contact, but not so in this case. The fire could not … Continue reading The Fire Had No Power Over Their Bodies

Every Trouble is a Blessing

Nothing ever happens to us by 'chance'. Our little trials, our great troubles, our heavy crosses, our painful losses, are all a part of God's plan! Nor did He plan afflictions for us merely haphazardly; He planned them because He saw that we needed them. He intended to make them rich blessings to us. Every … Continue reading Every Trouble is a Blessing

Suffering? Now What?

How are we to respond when suffering enters our life? This short sermon preached at First Artesia CRC looks at a passage of Scripture filled with bright hope in the middle of what is likely the saddest book of the Bible. Exploring Lamentations 3:21-31, we will see six ways we should respond when we are … Continue reading Suffering? Now What?