This Dying Young Woman Has a Message for Us

Meet Brooklyn; she is a young woman living out her final few days at home on hospice care. Though her outer self is wasting away, her inner self is being renewed day by day. She is a bright and shining light, and she has a message she wants us to hear.

5 Benefits of Sickness

I know the suffering and pain that sickness entails. I admit the misery and wretchedness that it often brings along with it, but I cannot regard it as an unmixed evil. I see in it a useful provision to check the ravages of sin in men's souls. If man had never sinned, I would have been at a loss to … Continue reading 5 Benefits of Sickness

6 Reasons to Proclaim Christ Despite Hostility

If we live boldly for Christ, even in love, many people will despise us for it. However, in Matthew 10:26-39, Jesus gives us six reasons to proclaim his name anyway and not fear. These six reasons are incredibly encouraging and should motivate us all to preach the gospel even if we are not facing adversity for doing so. They remind us … Continue reading 6 Reasons to Proclaim Christ Despite Hostility

The Worldliness Killers

I had nearly destroyed myself. I could feel the stress coursing through my body, and I knew the source. My love for the pleasures of this world was straining my soul. I had been seeking my meaning in them, and their uncertain nature made everything I was standing upon unstable, which had caused me to collapse in fear. Then something extraordinary happened.

Prosperity Preaching is Shallow

This past Sunday, Rob Golding of First Artesia CRC, pointed out that not only is health and wealth preaching false, but it is also shallow. God's plan may involve suffering, poverty, illness, and a host of other hardships, but it is infinitely better than worldly prosperity. Take a listen to this short clip and be … Continue reading Prosperity Preaching is Shallow

Mansions for Homeless Souls

The closer we follow Jesus, the more we realize this world is not our home. Jesus, himself, had no place to lay his head, and we are indeed strangers and aliens in this world, where the people follow the prince and power of the air. We, too, were once like them. We were dead fish … Continue reading Mansions for Homeless Souls

Truth Can Still Break The Lock

Truth, these days, seems up for grabswhen at God’s word they take their jabs.The truth of God, it will not failthough so many against it rail. They will, someday, bear the shock,and stand before the God they mock.“How can we know?” their battle cry."Ignorance is bliss," what they imply. "If we cannot know, we can’t … Continue reading Truth Can Still Break The Lock

Christian, Your Suffering is Not in Vain

If you are a Christian, and you find yourself in the valley of suffering, it is because God has brought you there to bless you. The following is a clip from a sermon called, The Valley of Achor. As you listen to it, keep in mind that it is pulling from the following passage. Therefore, … Continue reading Christian, Your Suffering is Not in Vain

How to Examine Spiritual Fruit

As professing Christians, one of the first questions we need to ask ourselves is if we are a healthy tree or a diseased tree (Matthew 7:18), and the way to do that is to look at the fruit we bear. However, we must scrutinize the fruit because some fruit can look good outside but be rotten … Continue reading How to Examine Spiritual Fruit

“I Don’t Get Anything Out of Church”

This is a quick 50-second reminder that we need to prepare our hearts for worship. So often, you'll hear someone say, "You know, I just don't get anything out of that church," or "I sat through that service, and I did not get anything out of it." The question I always want to ask … Continue reading “I Don’t Get Anything Out of Church”