Take Time to Appreciate Grocery Store Workers

Grocery store and supermarket workers are some of the most valuable members of society right now, and they look exhausted. We must realize that not only are they working extremely hard; they are also vulnerable to cornavirus because of their constant interaction with large groups of people.

Almost every job in society is important. Though most of them tend to be under-appreciated, there are times when events highlight the importance of their role in our way of life. Grocery workers, this is your time. Typically, you meet our demands so well we do not even realize you are doing it, but we notice you now.

Imagine the chaos that would ensue if you were not there to keep things running. I am sure you have experienced anxious customers over the past several days, please be patient with us. For all of us who will be shopping these stores, let us go out of our way to show our gratitude. Grocery store workers, thank you for your work. We appreciate you.

-D. Eaton

13 thoughts on “Take Time to Appreciate Grocery Store Workers

  1. Thank you for this. Another action worth mentioning for those who wish to thank store workers is leave a positive and morale boosting review on the individual stores site. We read these, and it matters.

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  2. My son Eric works In a super market and these passed few weeks I have watched him bravely go to work sometimes working extra hours. He comes home exhausted! I’m sure his mind is on being away from people at the required distance but at times that’s hard to do. I do think we should thank them the next time we are in the market. Making them aware of how important they are in society right now. Thank you my son❤️

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  3. I worked in a supermarket for many years. Now in retired from there. I remember thoses days. It was easy work, But Long hours. 5 and 6 days a week 8.5 hours a day. I did love it b/c I love people. But sometimes people are assholes. I DO APPRECIATE EVERYTHING EVERYBODY DOES THERE. I REALLY TRY TO SHOW RESPECT EVERYWHERE. BC THAT GOES A LONG WAY.


  4. I wanted to give my favorite cashier a hug today bc I know she has been working hard. Instead I had her ring up two gift cards. After she told me how a customer made her cry recently , I told her it will get better and handed her the gift card. Then I gave the other to the customer service girl who had been yelled at last week by another inexcusable customer. There time is worth something to me. They will be given a thanks even if it’s verbal , every time I see them.


  5. I work at a a grocery store i do alot of the cleaning i really enjoyed doing it because i now that I am doing to keep my coworkers safe and are customer’s to and i really enjoyed it when my coworkers and manager’s give a big commitment and when the customer’s thank me for keeping things in the store Clean i now all the hard work pays off in the long run

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  6. Thank you to the BRAND NEW Woodwaed Corner Meijers store, barely open a month. Not only do the workers on the floor have to keep shelves stocked, floors clean, self check lanes running smoothly but they have to direct all the shopper young and old to all the product in an unfamiliar and quite unique store. EVERY PERSON I’ve asked for assistance has been more than helpful. I spoke with a stock person the other day who has worked MANY hours at a tiring job. Still he was helpful and cheerful. Bless him and ALL who make sure we have food on our table, our pets fed and our homes clean.

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  7. My husband is a dairy worker in a local supermarket. He has worked long hours recently, working in his own department and volunteering to cover shifts in departments that are understaffed. He is exhausted and our time together has been greatly affected by this but I appreciate him and his coworkers for all they do to make sure we can still have the things we need during this crisis.

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