Our Cold Hearts Tend to Wander

Our cold hearts tend to wander
and fancy for its flight
When sin we start to ponder
with darkness reunite

The warning’s loud and clear
the Word of God proclaim
To Christ we must adhere
or cause Him open shame

Do not be led astray
by enticements of this world
For some have gone away
to be entirely unfurled

Remember what was said
about those who’ve gone away
They were never really of us
and are clearly gone to stay

If with sin you want to play
don’t forget Lot’s wife
For the reason that you stray
may just cost your life

-D. Eaton-

One thought on “Our Cold Hearts Tend to Wander

  1. I thought of a new blog topic that would help this topic. I have high blood pressure so I’m looking at foods with little or no sodium. When you go to the supermarket on your next trip, make a list of things you can eat with less than 140 m.g. of sodium or less.

    Then I looked up:

    How much sodium should I eat per day? I have a link but the question is, how much should I read the Bible per day or “How many Bible verses should I eat per day?” If it was a vitamin, we could build up our spiritual immune systems.

    How much going to church should I eat per day? How much witnessing should I eat per day? How much praying to God should I eat per day? How much digging into the word or applying the Word should I eat each day?

    If you are spiritually diabetic or have spiritual high blood pressure, what is a good amount?


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