The Life of David Brainerd

Studying the life of David Brainerd is like a balm to my soul. It reminds me how much closer I could be walking with the Lord, but not in a condemning way, in an encouraging way. The amount of suffering he faced and the sweetness he found in God, teaches me contentment. His simple life so contrasts my busy and distracted life it is like a beacon of light that causes me to reevaluate how I use my time.

I once had the privilege of giving a lecture on his life at Bethel Grace Baptist Church. If you are interested in being encouraged by Brainerd’s biography, this short overview will get you started. Listen via YouTube or podcast.



You can also listen to the podcast at the links below.


Google Podcasts


One thought on “The Life of David Brainerd

  1. Great awakening through the reading of the biography of this saint to my entire life as a pastor of a church in Plateau State Nigeria, West Africa.


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