Pray for the Challies Family: Their Son Has Gone to Be with the Lord.

This morning I awoke to heartbreaking news. I opened my email and saw Tim Challies’ newest post titled,  My Son, My Dear Son, Has Gone To Be With the Lord. I always look to see what Tim has written, so he tends to be part of my morning routine; a daily companion. I never expected to read this:

Nick was playing a game with his sister and fiancée and many other students when he suddenly collapsed, never regaining consciousness. Students, paramedics, and doctors battled valiantly, but could not save him. He’s with the Lord he loved, the Lord he longed to serve. We have no answers to the what or why questions.

Though Tim and I have never met, and we have only conversed in comment sections a couple of times, I consider Tim a friend. He has supported this blog through links in his A La Carte posts for a couple of years now. Not only do we have a similar interest in blogging and Christian music, but our children are of similar age. I do not have any theological words to say at this time. I only want to let him know that our hearts are broken along with his. Tim, you and your family are loved, appreciated, and we mourn with you. We also take solace that Nick is with our good and gracious King.

Please pray for Tim, his wife, and his family during this difficult time.

-D. Eaton

2 thoughts on “Pray for the Challies Family: Their Son Has Gone to Be with the Lord.

  1. So sad to read Tim’s post this morning. Like you I don’t know him personally but read his post daily and consider him a brother. Having also lost a son in the prime of life my heart aches for this family. Please everyone pray them through the next few weeks. Kind of puts our obsession with the election in perspective doesn’t it?

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