This World’s Splendid Delusion

What a poor, uncertain and dying world is this! What a wilderness in itself! Without the saving knowledge of Jesus, how dark, how desolate it is! It does not appear to us thus, before we were saved because we were then in a state of enchantment, the magical lantern blinding us with a splendid delusion!

It is a great mercy to be undeceived in time; and though our mirthful dreams are at an end, and we awake to everything that is dismaying, yet we see a highway through the wilderness, and a powerful and infallible Guide at hand to conduct us through it! And we can discern, beyond the limits of the wilderness, a better land, where we shall be at rest and at home!

What will the difficulties we met along the way then signify? The remembrance of them will only remain to heighten our sense of the love, care, and power of our Savior and Leader! O how shall we then admire, adore, and praise Him when He condescends to unfold to us the beauty, propriety, and harmony of the whole train of His providential dealings with us and give us a clear retrospect of all the way, and all the windings of our earthly pilgrimage!

In the mean while, the best method of adorning our profession, and of enjoying peace in our souls is simply to trust Him, and absolutely to commit ourselves and our all to His wise and loving management. By casting our burdens upon Him our hearts become light and cheerful. We are then freed from a thousand anxieties and worries, which are wearisome to our minds, and which are needless for us, yes, even useless!

Oh the blessedness of this confident trust in our Father’s care, through all the changes and vicissitudes we meet with, knowing that His love, purpose and promise are wise, good and unchangeable! May this be your experience!

-John Newton

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