Request 200+ Free Copies of ‘Gentle and Lowly’ for Your Church

Attention Pastors and Ministry Leaders: Crossway is giving away copies of the one the best books written in 2020. This book is so good, I have already read it twice and gave away about 15 copies at Christmas. I also wrote a review of the book called, What Does God Think About You?

Apparently, a generous ministry donor is making it possible for churches to get up to 208 copies of the book free of charge if the church will plan to read and discuss the book together. The church can do this in several way. It can be done as part of Sunday school, small groups, or some other special reading groups. It is also good for groups of elders and deacons to read through together.

The requests for the books must be made by April 30, 2021.

Do not miss out on the wonderful offer to explore a gospel-saturated book together as a church. Click the button below to see the official announcement and request your copies.

-D. Eaton

4 thoughts on “Request 200+ Free Copies of ‘Gentle and Lowly’ for Your Church

  1. I can’t get into those books because I believe we should be reading scripture and studying it and the reasons are many but we went through Churches that dumbed down Christianity and had no opportunities for Christians. God didn’t choose the brightest of the best but God used people like Amos who was a fruit picker. Nehemiah was a cup bearer to the King and God used him to rebuild Jerusalem and there is a book about him. Today’s churches dumb us down, won’t let us minister and we’ve become allergic to all the things going on in churches today. I don’t want to be a Sunday only Christian but I am a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Christian and being dumbed down by Churches is really the wrong approach. When you become professional, is God going to use that or is God going to work with whoever is available to do His will? The average Church does not teach the Bible because they teach Biblical principles and this book is about biblical principles. I’d rather listen to the Spirit through His word and the only way to minister is to not give you my opinions but to give you the word of God which is why I don’t care about the book or making Crossway or the author rich. An author cannot be over us because every church is independent and we don’t have to listen to him. An author cannot be an overseer because he is not present to see what is going on in our churches. The author cannot be on the property. He has no authority in our churches. Christ is the authority and we’re more responsible; God gives us light and we are responsible to the light and not a book or an author. I have to be responsible to the light I’ve been given and this falls below the light I have been given. A minister has to be faithful to say His word.

    I bought Carl F.H. Henry’s book “Basics of the Faith” (an Evangelical Introduction to Christian Doctrine) because not only is the evangelical church letting us sleep but they are kicking Christians out of their churches because they went emergent.

    Seminary Professor Exposes Today’s “Cheap Epistemology” Calling For A Return to Scripture

    Two thumbs down.


  2. What would Ezra read? The law to his people or a crossway book?

    What would a fruitpicker like Amos do? Read a crossway book or read the word?

    Would Nehemiah be reading the crossway book or rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem? What would Nehemiah do? What would you have Nehemiah do?

    What would Jesus do? He told us to go into all the world and to preach the gospel.

    Should I care less about the things of God and read the crossway book?

    And why are we relegated to reading books instead of going into all the world and preaching the gospel yet the only one allowed to minister in church are those approved by a man instead of God. Would the church today allow a fruit picker to write a book from God to the people? No. He’s not ordained by man. Would the church today allow Nehemiah to rebuild the wall? No. He’s not part of the committee. He’s a cupbearer and he is not a church member. They didn’t have church membership back then. A cupbearer and fruit picker are not esteemed and neither am I. We’re not here to make people rich who write for crossway.

    The book is useless to me in doing evangelism. I don’t need a feel good book. I need a book with power which is the word.


  3. I remember Tony Campolo made fun of Christians and I didn’t like him for that.

    He has a poem called the Kingdom of Ticky Tac and it complains about Christians being in their little boxes. It seems like we’re here now.

    I am not relegated to passivity. Let me out.


  4. Thanks Doug. My daughter Charity gave me Gentle and Lowly for Christmas. I read it and was greatly encouraged and blessed. I put in an order for Shiloah.


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