Celebrating Christmas with Jesus Himself

Too many of us celebrate the birth of Jesus while neglecting Christ himself. This negligence is because, though many of us would like to experience the joy of our salvation, our indulgence in worldliness cuts us off from it. We have lost the reason to celebrate. Many of us also desire the Lord to use … Continue reading Celebrating Christmas with Jesus Himself

Good Individualist Christianity

The following is a guest post by Pastor Rob Golding of First Artesia Christian Reformed Church. He also writes for the Westminster Theological Seminary Magazine. Do not forsake individualist Christianity! We are rightly concerned with avoiding over-individualism. We know Westerners are inherently individualistic. Americans are proponents of “rugged individualism.” We have heard that Old and New Testament … Continue reading Good Individualist Christianity

Times of Refreshing

Sometimes our lives can grow dim because we are no longer walking closely with the Lord like we used to. However, our God is so gracious that even after we have wandered away, he not only forgives our sins, but he also gives us times of refreshing (Act 3:19-21). In Acts chapter three, the phrase, … Continue reading Times of Refreshing

Chipping Away Our Confidence in Christ

In the Christian life, there are times of rest and times of struggle, and what we do when the sun is shining will often determine how well we will fare when the rains fall and the winds blow. It is usually the pleasant times when self-confidence becomes exaggerated that many professing Christians tend to chip … Continue reading Chipping Away Our Confidence in Christ

The Love of Christ in the Song of Solomon

The following is a guest post by my son, Mark Eaton. When it comes to seeing the love of Christ in the Song of Songs, errors can be made in two opposite extremes. Often, every word is presented as part of an allegory of Jesus and the Church, or Jesus is removed altogether and is … Continue reading The Love of Christ in the Song of Solomon

Christian Maturity and Secular Infancy

The following is a guest post by Pastor Rob Golding of First Artesia Christian Reformed Church. He also writes for the Westminster Theological Seminary Magazine. Christianity entails many divine ironies—the dead man lives; the humble woman is exalted; the servant is the King; finding life is losing it; salvation is not by works; the Son of … Continue reading Christian Maturity and Secular Infancy

The Inspiring History of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places. If you read Christian biographies, you have likely been encouraged by the lives of great saints who have gone before. If you are a leader of an organization, you have probably been moved by the stories of businesses or organizations that face difficulties yet manage to survive and see success without violating their core values. What is rare, however, is for these worlds to collide, but a new book released last week does just that. CLICK TO READ MORE.

The Tyranny of Sin

I saw the effects of it in an old friend ravaged by a virus that attacked his motor skills to the point he lost the ability to speak. I saw it in another friend fighting the grief of losing their spouse to disease. It reared its head in the news of another family friend who discovered their six-year-old has … Continue reading The Tyranny of Sin

Why There Are No Insignificant Christians

The person sitting in the other pew at church is more glorious than you realize. It is easy for us to look at some of the other people in our church and think, “I am glad they are part of this church, but they are not that significant.” If we feel like that, it exposes … Continue reading Why There Are No Insignificant Christians

Our Future Glory

Revelation speaks about our future condition to help us in our present condition. That is one of the main reasons our Lord gave John the vision. The church was under intense persecution, and John himself was in exile when he was told to write what he saw. Like all apocalyptic literature in scripture, Revelation is designed to increase … Continue reading Our Future Glory