Strength for the Weary

As I sat there, I seemed to be losing the never-ending battle with my health. I could feel my body tremble. It was as if it was having trouble supporting its own weight, and I wondered if it would ever end. I knew I had felt like this many times before, and God always brought me through. The problem is the weakness of my body tends to bring down my spirits as well. This is where the real problem lies. I even felt the failures of my past as if they were fresh. I wondered where this was leading. What was the purpose of it all? My soul was weary, and I was desperately looking for something to give it strength.

As I sat with the mid-week church group, the people around me had no idea how I felt. What they saw was a man dressed in business casual who had just come from a day of work, and he had a smile on his face. What they did not know was I was forcing that smile.

Then it happened, one of the people I was supposed to be leading read a passage of scripture. As he read, six words filled my heart with endurance. “He gives strength to the weary.” At that moment, the Spirit used that verse to light a fire in my soul. Even with my body still struggling to find its strength, he lifted my heart with hope and comfort. “He gives strength to the weary,” and I was weary: I qualified. 

The astonishing thing is the way He chose to do it. It took no special mending of my body, nor did I need to be propped up with the comforts of this world. He did it all with the power of his word. It is true, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” My soul was starving, and it had found its nourishment in the reading of a simple but profound verse.

If you are a child of God through faith and find yourself weary, worn, and ready to give up, I want to remind you that he gives strength to the weary. My prayer is that he is doing it right now. That he is using this devotion to infuse you with faith and fortitude. Know this, one day, you will look back on your troubles, whether in this life or on the beautiful shores of eternity, and you will say, “He pulled me through. He gave me the strength I needed.” The One in whom you trust does not faint or grow weary, and his understanding is unsearchable.

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. – Isaiah 40:29

-D. Eaton

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