Truth Can Still Break The Lock

Truth, these days, seems up for grabs
when at God’s word they take their jabs.
The truth of God, it will not fail
though so many against it rail.

They will, someday, bear the shock,
and stand before the God they mock.
“How can we know?” their battle cry.
“Ignorance is bliss,” what they imply.

“If we cannot know, we can’t be charged
with immorality enlarged.”
God is not fooled by sinful games,
and everyone, He knows their names.

“For all men know,” is what He said.
Still, they suppress the truth instead.
Without excuse, they stand and wait
to face the law they desecrate.

Yet truth can still break the lock,
when they meet the Stumbling Block
His mercy is for all who come.
When to Truth, they do succumb.

-D. Eaton

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