Mansions for Homeless Souls

The closer we follow Jesus, the more we realize this world is not our home. Jesus, himself, had no place to lay his head, and we are indeed strangers and aliens in this world, where the people follow the prince and power of the air. We, too, were once like them. We were dead fish flowing along the current and course of this life, and that river is running toward destruction.

Then something happened. The Holy Spirit touched our lives, bringing us to spiritual life. At first, we began to twitch under the conviction of our sin. Then the Spirit pointed us to Jesus, washed us clean, turned us around, and we began to swim the other way.

Though the fish of this world are lifeless to swim against the current, they are not without energy to condemn anyone swimming the other way. This mistreatment is a cost of following Jesus. It can often lead to poverty, rejection, and physical suffering, and all of this reminds us we are not home yet.

That is how they treated Jesus, and a servant is not above his master. However, Jesus endured it all, even to the point of death: death on a cross. Then he rose victorious, securing our salvation.

When he spoke to his disciples near the end, he told them he was going away to prepare a place for us. Because of this, Charles Spurgeon said there are mansions for homeless souls.

The key to this phrase is the mansions are only for homeless souls, those poor in spirit, who mourn over their sin, and the wickedness of this world. Those at home in this world do not have mansions waiting for them.

Being a stranger and an alien in this world is not a work that earns us eternal life. It is evidence we have been made alive in Christ Jesus; we have been called, justified, and will soon be glorified. If you feel out of place in this sinful world, take heart; Jesus is preparing a mansion for your homeless soul.

-D. Eaton

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