Hope for the Heavy Heart

If you are feeling the weight of the world, please take a moment to read the following timeless encouragement written in 1856 by James Smith.

If you are a sincere believer in Jesus, whatever may be your present difficult circumstances, however trying, however perplexing: it will all end in mercy! You may not think so now. You may be writing bitter things against yourself. You may be misinterpreting the designs of God’s providence. You may be doubting the precious promises of God’s holy Word. But notwithstanding your mistakes, your doubts, your fears, your false conclusions, it will all end in mercy!”

You do not think so; nor did Jacob once, nor did Joseph once, nor did Job once, nor did thousands once, who are now in glory! They were mistaken, and so are you. They judged by appearances, and so do you. They changed their minds, and so will you. All your troubles are appointed in infinite love! They are all weighed out by sovereign goodness! They are all limited by perfect wisdom! There is no ‘chance’ in what happens to the Christian! Everything is divinely arranged and appointed!

Cheer up, my poor weary fellow traveler! You will soon arrive at Home, and then you will see clearly and enjoy sweetly the blessed truth, that to the believer, all will end in mercy! Take comfort, poor afflicted fellow-Christian! Your afflictions are God’s furnace, in which He is refining you! He is only fitting you to occupy a mansion in Heaven, and to sing the sweet and everlasting song, the theme of which will be, it all ended in mercy!

Fear not, poor feeble, fickle, faltering follower of Jesus! Though your faith is weak, though your fears are strong, though your doubts are painful, though you conclude that your case is singular and your condition hopeless; “the year of release is at hand,” and then your doubts will expire, your fears will flee away, your groans will be silenced, your feeble hopes will be realized, for it will all end in mercy!

My brother, are you in poverty, under persecution, or in bodily sickness? Cheer up! Your light shall soon “break forth as the morning!” Write it down in your memorandum book or impress it upon your memory. Or what is better still, pray the Holy Spirit to give you the sweet inward assurance of the fact that it will all end in mercy. For “we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose!” Romans 8:28.

-James Smith

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