CCM Backbeat: Top 10 Christian Music Videos

In the 80's, as we know, video killed the radio star, and secular music set the trend that Christian music slowly followed. There were two reasons why Christian music was slow to begin producing quality music videos. First, there were budget issues. Producing an album in the 80's cost tens of thousands of dollars. The … Continue reading CCM Backbeat: Top 10 Christian Music Videos

CCM Backbeat: GLAD in Quarantine

Bob Kauflin, formerly of the group GLAD, did us a favor and pulled out a song written in 1980 to reminded us how a song can stand the test of time and speak to us in our current situation. Even in quarantine, we have every reason to be glad. Here is what Bob wrote: A … Continue reading CCM Backbeat: GLAD in Quarantine

CCM Backbeat: 5 Songs of Comfort

With everything going on, I thought I could benefit from a break from all the current events for a CCM Backbeat. Hopefully you will be encouraged as well. Here are five classic CCM songs of comfort. 1. He Will Make Always Make a Way - Farrell & Farrell (1984) Let's start with something a little … Continue reading CCM Backbeat: 5 Songs of Comfort

CCM Backbeat: Taking on Abortion

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one thing I appreciate about early contemporary Christian music is that it was not afraid to take a stand on issues, and it made no exception to that rule when it came to the evils of abortion. The good news with this topic is that several of today's … Continue reading CCM Backbeat: Taking on Abortion

CCM Backbeat: I Put Away My Idols by Dion

Many people are familiar with the music of Dion (DiMucci) even if they do not realize it. In the early 60's he had a several rock hits. Two of his biggest were, Runaround Sue and The Wanderer. These songs made him a household name during this time, and in 1989 he was inducted into the … Continue reading CCM Backbeat: I Put Away My Idols by Dion