A Monument to Grace: Short Film

I am proud of my son, Mark, who won first place for the film below at a competition at his university. The theme was grace. As you will see, my son is an avid hiker and has been to some beautiful places. The voice you will hear in the video is Dr. Chuck Ryor. Dr. Chuck was a professor at the university, and the pastor of a local church where many of the students attended. Dr. Chuck was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks ago. He left behind a wife and two adult children. What you are hearing is a portion of Dr. Chuck’s final sermon to the university students.

Both of my kids loved Dr. Chuck, and this film is to honor him, and to paint a picture of every believer who is called to be a monument to the undeserved grace and favor we have received from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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