Top 10 Fight of Faith Articles of 2021

Here at the Fight of Faith, 2021 was a good year, and I have you to thank. More and more people are stopping by and it is greatly appreciated. Below you will find the top 10 articles of 2021, but before I list them, I need to say thank you to a few people and sites that were integral in pointing readers this direction.

There are many others that deserve thanks as well. Every link is appreciated.

Here are the most-read articles on the Fight of Faith for 2021.

10. The Haunting Effects of Sin – A short look at the lingering effects of sin and how God uses them to sanctify us.

9. Writing As a Spiritual Discipline – A short look at how the Lord uses writing in my spiritual life.

8. The Broken Church Light – A short story.

7. Strength for the Weary – A personal testimony.

6. Self-Denial Leads to Happiness – A profound devotion by J. R. Miller

5. Profanity and the Gospel – A quick look at profanity in the life of the Christian

4. If Necessary, You Have Been Grieved – A reminder that God sometimes finds it necessary to grieve his children and the blessings that entail.

3. Distracting Ourselves to Death – A look at the distractions that exhaust us and the hope we have in the midst of them.

2. 5 Truths About Your Battle with Sin You Hate To Admit – This one is self-explanatory.

1. 7 Characteristics of Good Bible Teachers – A practical look at teaching scripture.

Thank you to all who stop by, and may you have a blessed new year.

-D. Eaton

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