6 Reasons to Proclaim Christ Despite Hostility

If we live boldly for Christ, even in love, many people will despise us for it. However, in Matthew 10:26-39, Jesus gives us six reasons to proclaim his name anyway and not fear. These six reasons are incredibly encouraging and should motivate us all to preach the gospel even if we are not facing adversity for doing so. They remind us in whom it is we place our trust.

1. The Enemies of the Cross will be Exposed

Many people will accuse you of being on the wrong side of history. They will tell you that you hate science, you are a bigot, and they will twist what you say to make it sound terrible. Their goal in doing this is to link you with all kinds of evil. In their attempts, do not be surprised if they call you Hitler. However, Jesus says, “do not fear.” He will eventually expose them for what they are and what they do. They may say, “you are on the wrong side of history,” which may be true for a little while, but they are not looking far enough into the future.

2. They Can Only Kill The Body

Another reason we should not fear in the face of persecution is they can only kill our bodies, not our souls. However, the enemies of God must deal with one who can destroy both body and soul in hell. In choosing to fear either God or man, choosing to fear man is foolishness. For those who trust in Christ, not only will we live forever with him, but also, our bodies will be raised incorruptible in the resurrection.

3. God is Sovereign

Our Father cares for the sparrows; not one will fall to the ground without his knowledge. Jesus then asks, “Are we not of much more value in his eyes than the sparrow?” In asking this question, Jesus is letting us know that we are. He loves us so much that he knows the number of hairs on our heads. Nothing will happen to us outside of our Father’s providence, and all that he does works towards the good of those who love him.

4. Denying Jesus Before Men Means Jesus will Deny us Before the Father

Jesus was not afraid to tell us hard truths. Whether we confess or deny Jesus before men reveals the state of our souls. If we deny him, it shows that we honor the thoughts of men more than God. In essence, we have made man our God, and we are idolators. We are not children of God, and he will deny us before the Father. On the contrary, if we confess him before men, it shows that we have been born again by the Spirit of God, and he will confess us before the Father.

5. Causing Division Does Not Mean We Are Doing Something Wrong

In proclaiming Christ, they will call us divisive as if division is always evil; even people who claim to be Christians will accuse us of this. They will tell you that Jesus was about love, and division is the exact opposite of that. Hearing this, we will be tempted to back down but realize they deny Jesus when they say this. Jesus told us his message is divisive. He said it would separate even some of the closest relationships like parents and children, and many people have been disowned by their families because they chose to follow Jesus. Causing division is part of what the gospel does. It separates the sheep from the goats.

6. In losing Our life, We Will Find It

We have two options in this life. Either we bow to worldly powers around us, which are governed by the prince and power of the air, and try to find acceptance and peace in this fallen world, or we are willing to lose our lives to follow Jesus. Only by being willing to lose it now will we ultimately find it, but whoever finds his life in the pleasures of this fallen world will lose it eternally.

-D. Eaton

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