A Pastor’s Testimony of Answered Prayer

Let me introduce you to my dad, David Eaton. He has been a pastor for over 50 years, and if you spend time with him, you will soon be talking about the Lord. As long as I have been alive, he has been a man of prayer, so as you speak with him, you will hear testimony after testimony of God’s goodness in his life. I was able to spend a couple of weeks with my mom and dad last month and decided it was time to get a few of these stories on video. Be encouraged; no matter what problem you face, you are not alone.

From the video:

This happened probably six months ago. Our son David has a small bulldozer. It’s really called a crawler or something, with a bucket on the front. He was doing some work, and the track came off, and they needed to get it back on.  

There were four of us there. There was me and our son David who owned the bulldozer, there was Jacob, our grandson, and David Oates, our grandson-in-law, and we were all there. In order to get the track back on, you have to take it apart. There’s a main pin, and you take that pin out, and then you bring the track back together and put the pin back in. David had pounded on that pin so many times, trying to get it out and going nowhere, and so finally I said, “Hey, we forgot something.”

I had read a story about a boy who was trying to fix his bike, and he could not get it right. I don’t know what was wrong with it or anything, and so his father came out, and he said, “What are you doing?” And he said, “I’m trying to fix my bike.” He said, “I have done everything I can do to fix my bike,” and the father said, “No, you haven’t.” He said, “well, why?” And the father said, “You haven’t asked me to help you.”

So that little story came to my mind, and I said, “We need to ask our heavenly father to help us get this pin out. So, we prayed just a simple prayer. “Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name, would you please help us get this pin out?” And “In Jesus’ name we ended it, and David hit that pin the next time, and it flew right out. We were all amazed standing there. David looked at me. I asked him what he was thinking? He was thinking, “Why didn’t we do this at first?” But anyway, they used to come along to pull the tracks together and put the pin back in.

So don’t leave your Heavenly Father out. He wants to help.

-D. Eaton

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