Vanishing Worship: Is COVID-19 the Next Step?

Over the years, it seems like corporate worship in many churches has been vanishing. The calling of the local church, first and foremost, is to gather for worship, but we do it much less frequently now than we did in the past. Sinclair Ferguson has a test he likes to apply to those who tell … Continue reading Vanishing Worship: Is COVID-19 the Next Step?

Was That Worship?

For many evangelicals, it seems goosebumps are the litmus test as to whether a song is anointed, but an emotional reaction can be misleading. I once had a co-worker who loved just about everything Disney. He put a sticker on his car, and he would proudly wear Disney hats and shirts. He was one of … Continue reading Was That Worship?

Singing Lies in Church

This is one of those quotes that jolts us to the core once it is properly understood. Without context, however, many people misunderstand what he is saying because they immediately begin to think of hymns and worship songs with bad theology.

Good and Gracious King by CityAlight May your spirit soar as you worship your king with this beautiful song. I approach the throne of glory Nothing in my hands I bring But the promise of acceptance From a good and gracious King I will give to You my burden As You give to me Your strength Come and fill me … Continue reading Good and Gracious King by CityAlight

Is He Worthy? – Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson released a new song off of his upcoming album today, and it is absolutely¬†breathtaking. It made my Spirit soar. Do yourself a favor and take a listen. I have included the lyrics below.   Do you feel the world is broken? We do. Do you feel the shadows deepen? We do. But … Continue reading Is He Worthy? – Andrew Peterson