A Summary of Ephesians [+ Infographic]

The following is by Pastor Rob Golding of First Artesia Christian Reformed Church. He also writes for the Westminster Theological Seminary Magazine. What is the book of Ephesians all about? The goal of this post is to help you remember just that. To do this, we will use the acronym P.U.R.E.L.Y to recall the main point of … Continue reading A Summary of Ephesians [+ Infographic]

Prosperity Preaching is Shallow

This past Sunday, Rob Golding of First Artesia CRC, pointed out that not only is health and wealth preaching false, but it is also shallow. God's plan may involve suffering, poverty, illness, and a host of other hardships, but it is infinitely better than worldly prosperity. Take a listen to this short clip and be … Continue reading Prosperity Preaching is Shallow