The Inspiring History of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places. If you read Christian biographies, you have likely been encouraged by the lives of great saints who have gone before. If you are a leader of an organization, you have probably been moved by the stories of businesses or organizations that face difficulties yet manage to survive and see success without violating their core values. What is rare, however, is for these worlds to collide, but a new book released last week does just that. CLICK TO READ MORE.

How Can Scripture Be Verbally Inspired?

Verbal inspiration is the doctrine that the Bible is precisely word-for-word what God wanted to say. It is not merely the thoughts and truths of scripture that are inspired but the very words themselves. Upon first hearing the term, many people confuse the word “verbal” with “audible.” The verbal inspiration of scripture is not the … Continue reading How Can Scripture Be Verbally Inspired?