Is Christ in You?

In 2 Corinthians, Paul asks his readers to examine themselves to see if they are in the faith. The Corinthians had been giving Paul a lot of trouble; they had been playing with sin and doubting his apostleship because, though his letters were strong, they thought he was weak in person and a poor preacher. It is in this context that Paul asks them to look at themselves. 

We all tend to examine others more quickly than we examine ourselves. How many sermons have we sat through only to critique the pastor afterward without ever considering how we measure up to the text he was preaching? Below is the second sermon I had the privilege of preaching this weekend, addressing this tendency. We need to examine ourselves regularly, but how do we do this? This sermon looks at four areas where we can test ourselves.

Do We Love Scripture?
Do We Hate Sin?
Do Live for God?
What is our Relationship with the Church?

If you are not up to listening to the entire sermon, below you can check out this short clip which asks, “Do you love Scripture?”

-D. Eaton

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