Understanding Moral Dilemmas 3: Graded Absolutism

We have been looking at how moral absolutists understand moral dilemmas. So far, we have covered an introduction to moral absolutism, non-conflicting absolutism, and conflicting absolutism. We will now, in this final post on this topic, look at a graded absolutism Graded Absolutism (GA) The last way to address moral dilemmas is to argue that … Continue reading Understanding Moral Dilemmas 3: Graded Absolutism

On Soul Winning – Charles Spurgeon

“We do not regard it to be soul-winning to steal members out of churches already established, and train them to utter our peculiar Shibboleth: we aim rather at bringing souls to Christ than at making converts to our synagogue." "In the next place, we do not consider soul-winning to be accomplished by hurriedly inscribing more … Continue reading On Soul Winning – Charles Spurgeon

Are You Judging My Judging?

Do not Judge. - Matt 7:1 It is difficult to think of a verse more misused than this one. The number of times it has been used to censor Godly reproof would be impossible to count. If you are in the habit of reading the Word of God and upholding Godly standards, then you have … Continue reading Are You Judging My Judging?

What Does it Mean to Mourn? [Beatitudes]

"Blessed are they that mourn." This beatitude is clearly one of the great paradoxes of scripture. "Blessed" and "mourning" almost seem to be contradictory. When we think of mourning, we rarely think about blessing, Typically our minds think of death because mourning is something we do when someone dies, but here again, Jesus is showing … Continue reading What Does it Mean to Mourn? [Beatitudes]

Your Fears are Lying to You

Dear Christian, your fears are lying to you. Nothing they warn you about can ultimately hurt you. Fear shows its face daily and holds you back from doing things that may not be safe according to the world's wisdom, but are life-giving in every respect. It tells you that you must save your life, or … Continue reading Your Fears are Lying to You

Every Fear Must Bow

You, O Lord, are my refuge and strength. No matter what fears assail me, they cannot stand before you. Whether my anxieties are based on reality or the result of my doubting heart, you are the calmer of my soul. There is no darkness your light cannot penetrate. You are my peace. Every fear finds … Continue reading Every Fear Must Bow

Trusting God With Your Greatest Fears

And as for me, if I am bereaved of my children, I am bereaved. - Genesis 43:14 Jacob had lost Joseph, or so he thought he had, and he was terrified of losing Benjamin as well.  So much so that we are told his whole life was bound up in Benjamin. If Benjamin were to … Continue reading Trusting God With Your Greatest Fears

I Thought I Could Do It Alone

I thought I could do it alone, but I found out I cannot do it at all. Every time I fell I would get up and promise myself it was the last time. I would find the point of weakness, put a fence around it, and promise to stay away, but the fences had holes. … Continue reading I Thought I Could Do It Alone